About Me

I am a retired Catholic priest, now living in Huntington Beach, California.  These posts are in response to the requests of family, friends and former parishioners who asked me to share some lessons I have learned over the course of 52 years in priestly service.  I pray they will be a blessing for those who may read them.



  1. I am at St. Joseph, Toronto, Oh and St. John, Mingo Jct, Oh.

    You did a great work when you built the Church and the rectory. Thank you!

    I like your reflections. Kitty gave me your site.

    God bless. Enjoy your retirement!

  2. Pat told me about your writings so I wanted to come check them out, too. I love your homilies so I know I will love your online posts.

    God bless you!

    Love, Michelle

  3. Uncle Mickie,
    I couldn’t wait to get home today after our phone call. That was almost 6 hours ago! I couldn’t stop reading! Very well done. Can very easily read this over and over again. Can’t wait to pass this around to others. Lotsa luck on your future writings and…

    God bless you!


  4. Fr. Mike,
    The next best thing to celebrating the Divine Liturgy with you, hearing your personal, heartfelt and inspiring homily and seeing your heartwarming smile is reading your reflections. May God grant you many years.

  5. Could not find you in Google. Like your picture you’re looking good……
    Thank you for all of your help and prayers. Gob Bless You!

  6. It is great reading your reflections!. I am glad to renew our friendship from our army days at Ft. Benning. Retirement is a good time to slow down and reconnect.

  7. Zooming down the far away ski slopes of Mammoth Mountain in the 70’s; –Charleee–carried down the wind. It was Father Mike. Only weeks after you came to Anaheim from the East. We had only met twice. I thought it was just magic how you can remember names and faces; even completely out of our natural habitat. Thank you Father for “Reflections” and your great homilies.
    Charlie K. Anaheim

  8. Thank you, Fr Mike, for Reflections and all the time you give to the Annunciation Byzantine church.

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