Posted by: mmreflections | January 20, 2010

Lessons Along the Way, Introduction: January, 2010

The feedback since the first series of reflections truly surprised me.  Many of you took time to call, write or email your disappointments to me at the idea or possibility of my discontinuing this project.  It was a blessing for me to learn what these reflections meant to you and your loved ones.  I was particularly surprised to learn how these were being read, reflected upon, copied and passed on to friends and family.  One person sent a note expressing her sadness at the possibility of my discontinuing the writings saying, “With daily life so hectic in today’s world, with so much fear, anxiety and uneasiness bombarding many of us and our families, with very little direction or encouragement coming from where we would expect it to come, your reflections arrive as a calming and healing balm for me, my husband and children.  We save each one, reread them over and again, and find new food for thought.  Please don’t stop!”  I had no idea what these reflections meant to so many of you.  With the input you have given me, I am happy to begin a new series, sharing more lessons I learned along the way. 




  1. Inspiring, Uplifting, Healing Sermons… given to a world congregation…by a “Retired Priest”

  2. I am happy Fr. Mike is going to continue with his ‘reflections’. I live to receive them. It’s as if he reads my mind about some things.
    He has got me through many anxious moments in my life.
    He makes me realize that I’ve really only begun to live because someone does really care.

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