Posted by: mmreflections | January 10, 2008

My New Blog: January, 2008

This effort to compose some reflections based on my own spiritual journey is a challenging one.  My intention is to share some lessons I learned from life experiences which were profitable for me; from mistakes, failures or hurdles which challenged me; from wounds or hurts which raised significant questions for me; and from the kindness,  love and patience of family and friends  who walked with me at some point of the journey.  To embark on such a path makes me feel vulnerable since I am still on the way and learning new things every day.  Because of those who are a special part of my life I feel confident in taking the risk.  These reflections are not to provide a concrete way of life for anyone but rather to pose some questions  to ask  on our own personal journeys.  I hope some   readers will take to heart any gold nuggets they may discover in these words, leaving the rest for another time.  I am most grateful to all the teachers, mentors and guides who encouraged me along my own journey.  Much of what I learned and what proved fruitful for me was their sharing personal experiences.  I wish to provide the same in these reflections, sharing what I have learned with those who might benefit from them.



  1. This is awesome…being in the new land of digital blogging, my first day, Wednesday, February 24, 2010. It’s very exciting…and I’ll be sending more missives in the future!

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